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  • United Airlines Announced 99% Employee Vaccination Compliance
  • Airlines Scramble As Feds Don't Back Off Exec Order Requiring Employees Be Vaccinated
  • Are Those Really Green Shoots I See?
  • Virgin Atlantic Reportedly Pushes Proposed IPO Back to Spring 2022
  • DOJ Sues American Airlines and JetBlue re: AntiTrust Concerns of NEA Alliance
  • IATA: Global Airline Industry Loss Forecast Updated for 2021 to $52 Billion
  • FAA Closes Investigation of Air Space Violations of Virgin Galatica Flight; Spacecraft Remains Grounds Over Other Concerns
  • Qatar Airways Announces Fiscal Year Results, Does 180-Degree Turn on Grounding of A380s
  • Latest ARC Sales Report Confirms We Still Have A Long Way To Go
  • 3Q21 Earnings Begin Next Week: Delta Kicks Off The Festivities As Usual
  • AHA! We Have A New Airline -- Will It Be A One Hit Wonder?
  • Market Review: Oil Prices Now Flirting With Price Levels Not Seen in Seven Years
  • Airline Stocks: 3Q21 Stock Performance Sucked, But Last Two Weeks Have Been Good


PlaneBusiness Banter Editor and Publisher Holly Hegeman

Factoid of the Week: Airlines Scramble To Get Employees Vaccinated Before Federal Deadlines