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  • 3Q20 Earnings Call Analysis: Hawaiian Airlines
  • 3Q20 Earnings Call Analysis: JetBlue Airways
  • 3Q20 Earnings Call Analysis: Air Canada
  • COVID-19 Infection Rates Hit New Highs As Passengers Take To The Skies for Thanksgiving
  • Delta Air Lines Cancels Hundreds of Flights Over Thanksgiving Due to Lack of Crews
  • Losing Both A CFO and a COO In The Middle of a Pandemic Is No Small Thing: What's Up at the Widget?
  • Korean Airlines To Acquire Asiana: Anti-Competitive Concerns No Concern for Korean Government. Will Japan Airlines and ANA Link Up Next?
  • American Airlines: Investors Need To Stop Focusing on Debt Levels And The $8 Billion Liquidity Number And Ask For This Instead
  • Norwegian Airlines Files for Administration: This One Was Buried In Debt Way Before COVID-19
  • FAA Re-Certifies Boeing 737MAX-- American Airlines Will Be First To Fly
  • Delta and Southwest Reportedly Looking At 737MAX Purchases
  • Delta Air Lines' Corporate Sales Group Takes Top Spot for 10th Consecutive Year in Business Travel News Airline Survey
  • Willie Walsh Tapped To Lead IATA
  • United Airlines Begins Charter Flights Carrying Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccines
  • AMFA Seeks To Represent Mechanics at American Airlines; Signed Cards Delivered To NMB
  • U.S. Airlines Make Yet Another Plea for Additional CARES Act PSP Money: Lame Duck Congress and Dysfunctional Washington Political Landscape No Help
  • Market Review: Oil Prices Move Up -- But Why?
  • Airline Stocks: Airline Sector Goes Bonkers On Vaccine News


PlaneBusiness Banter Editor and Publisher Holly Hegeman

Breaking News: COVID-19 Infection Rates Hit New Highs; We Could See Declines in Demand Hit Post-Thanksgiving