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The TopTen Reasons You NEED to Subscribe to PlaneBusiness Banter:

10. It will provide you with access to more financial and business information on the airline industry than any other publication of its kind out there today.

9. Unlike Aviation Daily, you do not have to take out a long-term loan to finance the subscription price.

8. Unlike the monthly publications Airline Business and Air Transport World, you get news weekly -- not long after it's not news anymore.

7. If you don't read us every week, you are doomed to live in a world where no one tells you what is really going on in this industry. Do you really want to live in the dark and know that people are laughing at you because of it?

6. PlaneBusiness Banter is published electronically to ensure the lowest possible subscription price. (Printing on those dead trees costs big bucks ...not to mention the cost of those stamps.)

5. No one else tells you what we do.

4. This will be lots of fun.

3. You can amaze your co-workers with your detailed knowledge of what is going on in the industry--we promise we won't tell them where you got the information.

2. We want to be able to continue to put the heat on airline management and make them sweat. (For those of you in airline management--you had best subscribe--not only may you learn something--but you need to know what we are saying about you.)

1. You can't live without it.

Not convinced yet?

Then listen to some of the reasons our subscribers gave recently when we asked why they subscribed to PlaneBusiness Banter.

"I don't know what I would do without PBB. Not only is Holly one of the funniest people on the planet-- but her take on the industry is dead on. Don't look for the same old boring commentary here. I've been a subscriber for 7 years, and have not only made money because of Holly's take on airline stocks --but I have felt "ahead of the curve" in terms of this industry more times than I count."

"Why do I subscribe to PBB? There is no better source of what is really going on in this dysfuntional industry than PlaneBusiness Banter, week in, week out."

"Holly calls 'em like she sees 'em. And more often than not, she's right on the mark."

Subscribe now to PlaneBusiness Banter--a strangely irreverent, humorous, yet accurate look at the financial and business side of the airline industry. Founded, written, edited and published by Holly Hegeman, PlaneBusiness Banter pulls no punches and oftentimes pulls a few rabbits out of the hat.

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